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No-Compromise Data Loss Prevention

to stop breaches before they happen.

Digital Guardian is a five-time Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader for Enterprise DLP.

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Digital Guardian Enterprise DLP

Our unique approach to DLP (on-prem, SaaS, MSP) provides uncompromised protection and on-demand scalability with full data visibility.

Digital Guardian provides the data security you need to protect your business, keep your data in safe control and get the most out of your investment. The DG platform provides security teams with deep visibility into the entire environment to see all threats. This visibility fuels analytics that inform all levels of the business, from real-time alerts to long-term trends. Flexible controls provide incremental, rapid, and even automated responses to threats. It helps you take full control of your data protection program by making the most of your team and infrastructure.

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Protect Sensitive Data on All Your Endpoints

Digital Guardian Endpoint Data Loss Prevention gives you the broadest coverage and control, including Windows, macOS, and Linux endpoints. More organizations are running multi-OS environments, you need a platform that doesn’t make coverage compromises and leaves gaps in your data protection strategy.

The DG agent captures and records events at the system, user, and data level, both when connected to the corporate network, or offline. Granular controls let you fine tune responses based on user, risk level, or other factors. From simply logging all actions to automated blocking, you can prevent data loss before it happens.

It reduces risk of data loss at your greatest point of risk – the endpoint.


Protect Sensitive Data on the Move to Support Regulatory Compliance

Network DLP without the complexity. Digital Guardian Network DLP helps support compliance and reduce risks of data loss by monitoring and controlling the flow of sensitive data via the network, email or web. It is typically deployed in a matter of hours and does not require a dedicated resource once it is deployed.

Our network DLP appliances inspect all network traffic then enforce policies to ensure protection. Policy actions include: allow, prompt, block, encrypt, reroute, and quarantine.


Start with the Most Comprehensive Data Classification

Content, context and user classification. Digital Guardian data classification can automatically locate and identify your sensitive data then apply labels to classify and determine how the data is handled. Our comprehensive data classification solutions - from automated content and context-based classification to manual user classification - are optimized for regulatory compliance, intellectual property protection, and mixed environments.

By understanding what sensitive data you have, where it is, and how it’s used, you’re in a better position to apply the appropriate controls.


Discover and Protect Your Sensitive Data at Rest

You can’t protect what you can’t find. Digital Guardian for Data Discovery provides visibility and auditing of sensitive data at rest across the enterprise.

Our data discovery appliance uses automatic, configurable scanning of local and network shares using discovery specific inspection policies to find sensitive data wherever it is located. Detailed audit logging and reports provide you with the information needed to demonstrate compliance, protect confidential information and reduce data loss risk.


Get the Latest Cyber Defense Strategies and Intelligence Now

Today's malware is sophisticated, targeted and difficult to detect. With the acceleration of new threats, attacks became inevitable. On the other hand, building and retaining a team of cybersecurity experts who can detect, respond, and remediate these attacks can be incredibly difficult.

The Digital Guardian Managed Detection Response (MDR) is led by a distinguished cybersecurity expert who created the SOC for a Fortune 100 company where sensitive IP is the lifeblood of the enterprise. Our elite team of experts proactively catches, detects and responds to attacks in real time to contain ransomware and other advanced threats before your organization's sensitive data is breached.


Cloud-Delivered Analytics, Workflows, and Reporting for Actionable Intelligence

Digital Guardian Analytics and Reporting Cloud (DG ARC) is a workflow and reporting cloud service with advanced analytics that provides uncompromised data protection. Leveraging data flow from Digital Guardian endpoint agents and network sensors, ARC provides deep visibility into system, user and data events. This visibility empowers security analyst-certified dashboards and workspaces to provide data loss prevention, endpoint detection and response. And all of this is done on a single console.


Digital Guardian is a 5-time Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader in Enterprise DLP. Our platform offers the broadest endpoint operating system coverage, persistent data protection, and optimized policy creation to improve your data security program.


Focus on your core business and leave data protection to our security experts

Many organizations struggle to find qualified security professionals to protect their sensitive data from increasing insider and outsider threats, and the security talent shortage is not going away anytime soon. Even for organizations with a mature security team, it is incredibly difficult to stay on top of all the malware innovations.

Digital Guardian’s Managed Security Program (MSP) acts as a remote extension of your team and offers data protection as a managed service. Our security experts will host, administer and run your data security platform. These 24*7 global analyst teams that live, eat, and breathe data protection will help you contain insider and outsider threats before sensitive data gets out of your organization. Data loss prevention, managed detection and response (MDR) or compliance, we’ve got you covered.


Our security experts provide the resources needed to ensure compliance and prevent breaches of PII and PHI.


Our security experts take care of hosting, setup, ongoing monitoring, analyzing, tuning and maintenance of your endpoint DLP program.


Our elite team of experts proactively hunt, detect and respond to attacks in real-time to contain ransomware and other advanced threats before your organization’s sensitive data is breached.


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