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Detech is the Turkey distributor of software solutions of the leading companies in the world.

Since its foundation in 2002, Detech is serving Turkish organisations in collaboration with the leading and visionary software vendors & resellers to provide advanced classfication and security software solutions.

Detech is the Turkey distributor of software solutions of sector leaders, namely Automate, Axiomatics, Boldon James, BeyondSecurity, Clearswift, Core Security, Digital Guardian, FileCatalyst, GoAnywhere, Ground Labs, Titus and PKWARE in the fields of data identification, classification and labeling, data loss prevention, secure data sharing, sensitive data discovery and improvement, discovery and masking in databases.

Being aware that all these solutions are not just 'one size fits all - plug and play' type of products, Detech brings her project management expertise to the transformation tables via its powerful & dynamic organization structure and experienced technical team. Detech targets to have her name identified as quality and in order to reach this target, Detech focused on completing her contracts on time with the highest added value.

With her significiant references in public, energy, finance, health, communication, otomotive and other sectors, Detech delivers first quality solutions and services to her customers that will benefit business sustainability and productivity.

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