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The Axiomatics difference is how we use attribute sources within your organization to enable policy application in real time and without any impact to your business.

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Axiomatics Attribute-based Access Control (ABAC)

Authorization is the last mile in an effective access management strategy.

Axiomatics is the leading provider of Dynamic Authorization. We have been supporting governments and businesses for over a decade, enabling them to protect critical assets, meet strict regulations, reduce costs, and improve collaboration. Our scalable access control solutions for databases and applications are used by some of the world’s leading enterprises to accelerate their businesses. Another strength of Axiomatics is that they offer support for intercepting and controlling database access and access to big data environments.

Application Authorization

Utilize critical assets securely with accurate and scalable application authorization

Axiomatics  best-in-class run-time authorization solution dynamically protects critical assets enterprise-wide, using Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC). It  moves beyond Role Based Access Control (RBAC) to solve typical authorization challenges including role explosion, toxic combinations, and managing segregation of duties.Designed to streamline access control operations in today’s complex environments – where assets are accessed via cloud and legacy systems – our software enforces your business policies and ensures regulatory compliance.  Dynamic authorization delivers proven results across wide-ranging industries in the form of:

· Fast ROI
· Reduced coding costs
· Secure asset sharing

· Improved collaboration
· Faster time-to-market
· Freed-up development resources

Unmatched scalability and performance make our solution the preferred choice for many global enterprises and government agencies.


How it works?

Axiomatics solution derives user permissions from the real-time evaluation of policies and enforces authorization rights to critical assets based on these policies. The combination of Policy-based authorization and high visibility and control ensure users only have access to what they are authorized to view or edit in real-time. The context-aware solution also multiple facets of access control are met including location, time of day. role in organization, device being used, and even citizenship.

Central policy management utilizes Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC). Once configured, authorization policies are consistently applied across all incoming connections to which they are applied, regardless of application end-point.

Key features of dynamic authorization for applications

Visibility and Control

Reduce development and maintenance costs with a central plane to support the creation, enforcement, maintenance of fine-grained, context-aware policies.

Simplified Policy Authoring

Leveraging an intuitive user interface for policy creation, editing and management,  multiple policy editors meet the needs of policy life cycle management in different departments and across different collaborative workflows.

Cloud, On-prem or Hybrid

Whether on-prem, hybrid or cloud, always fit the needs of your organization. Stay lean and secure while reducing TCO with our API and micro services integrations.

Developer Tools and SDKs

Easily integrate with leading vendors within Identity & Access Management (IAM) space. Utilize our rich APIs and advanced authorization services combined with user-friendly interfaces for policy life-cycle management, service administration and monitoring.

Multi-project Capability

A central plane to create separate projects, assign members and services to these projects, and manage them as required. This helps address policy creation, governance and compliance issues faced by many large enterprises and government agencies.

Authorization Services

Authorization Services share the same set of policies and configurations and are managed centrally. An Authorization Service can provide: PDP – a Policy Decision Point; ARQ Raw – computes the conditions necessary to reach a desired decision; c. ARQ SQL – exposes ARQ Raw results as SQL SELECT statements.

Database Authorization

Dynamically share, mask and filter sensitive data enterprise-wide

Data Access Filtering for Multiple Databases is a industry-leading solution for controlling run-time access to business critical data. Unrivalled dynamic filtering and masking capabilities ensure fine-grained data access controls are enforced  at cell level in line with business policies and regulations.

Approved database access

Axiomatics authorization fabric for databases ensures that users have access to  the data they are authorized to and nothing else by filtering, masking or redacting sensitive data. Key benefits of using our dynamic solution include:

· Single point of access control management for the database layer
· Enforces authorization in a non-intrusive way; application changes are not required
· Minimizes risk exposure for data in transit
· Consistently enforces authorization across multiple channels/applications
· Ensures policies and control rules are in place by users accessing and extracting source data
· Masks/filters data at row, column and cell level
· Simple integration with other Identity & Access Management (IAM) solution providers

How it works?

Axiomatics´solution derives user permissions from the real-time evaluation of policies, and filters, masks or redacts data based on these policies. Policy-based authorization applied on the content of relational databases provides the required high visibility and control to achieve data security protection at source, within the data layer. This ensures that users only have access to what they are authorized to see.

Central policy management utilizes Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC). Once configured, authorization policies are consistently applied across all incoming connections to which they are applied, regardless of application end-point. A central policy can thus protect multiple databases from queries sent from multiple applications.


Key features of dynamic authorization for multiple databases

Policy Authoring and Editing

Multiple policy editors help meet the needs of policy lifecycle management in individual departments, and across different collaborative workflows. This supports efficient creation, editing and maintenance of both policies and their related attributes.

Data Filtering and Masking

Protects data down to cell level without hindering the effective and efficient sharing of sensitive data by filtering or masking data that users are not authorized to see or edit.

Simplified UI

An enhanced user interface ensures ease of management for individual users and APIs for SQL Filter Service configurations and changes. Automated reporting removes much of the manual auditing proceses.

SQL Proxy

A central generic proxy protects multiple database types, such as Oracle, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, or Teradata. The proxy intercepts requests to all of these databases and queries the core engine for authorization of intercepted SQL statements.

Context Aware

Thanks to the powerful Attribute Based Access Control capabilities, sensitive data can be filtered based on any available criteria including. location, date/time, device being used, citizenship, and more.


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