Disrupt the way you think about data.

Empower people to understand the value of information they're handling.

Titus Data Classification

TITUS helps you establish a policy-driven foundation for identifying, classifying and securing sensitive data.

As your organization generates more and more data, protecting it is getting more challenging. On the other hand, your employees need to be able to access & share information securely and easily.


You can’t protect data you don’t know you have.

Identify unstructured data with automatic content matching and validation. TITUS Illuminate analyzes files at rest in your IT environment, and TITUS Data Classification identifies data during creation and in motion.

Powered by machine learning, TITUS enhances the accuracy and efficiency of your data protection program by recognizing your company-specific content categories.


The DNA of your data protection strategy.

Understand how to handle the data you have. TITUS Data Classification and your embedded metadata help put your data policy into action, ensuring that people, processes and technologies work together to protect your business.

Clearly and accurately classify emails, documents and other files with user-selected, system-suggested or automatically applied settings, based on your data security policies.

Embed user-friendly classification tools into your existing productivity apps, and assure users that information will be secure during creation, handling or sharing.


Put your policies into action for greater protection.

People expect their data to be handled securely and appropriately. In addition, compliance regulations set increasingly strict standards.

Adapt to the changing security and compliance needs of your organization with a configurable policy management platform that allows you to decide the rules and level of enforcement. Plus, you can choose which tools and technologies your policies control.


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