The surviving organizations

will not be the strongest or the wisest ones,

but the ones

who can transform data

to information assets.

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Professional Services

Our experts have extensive knowledge and experience within the industry and our solutions.

We are here to support organisations in their investments to our solutions, which demand a substantial change in data processing, sharing and storage practices.  This support spreads all phases, namely, evaluation of alternatives, implementation management and development to maximize ROI.

We also deliver services for our solutions on maintenance, upgrade, integration with the existing and future ecosystem solutions, parallel to your needs, sometimes together with our technology partners if deemed necessary.

Detech is aware of the fact that products in this area are not 'one fits all or plug and play' solutions, so with a strong and dynamic organisational structure, Detech contributes to change/transformation projects with her project management expertise.

Strategic Data Classification and Ecosystem Integration Consultancy

Creating a classification structure with a sound basis in a organisation is a strategic initiative and calls for the highest management support throughout all the phases. The success of this initiative is not just a procedural obligation due to compliance to KVKK or GDPR requirements, but this is a competitive advantage that is essential for the sustainable well being of the organisation.

Possession of a data classification structure designed parallel to the organisational and industry needs is a critical mission to effectively manage the information assets of a company. Effectively management of information includes all issues on; classfication, processing, securely sharing in compliance with relevant regulations and organisational policies, usage, protection of sensitive and confidential information against internal and external threats and retention and deletion of relevant time sensitive information properly, from the initial creation or obtaining phase to the end of life phase. It is evident that the most strategic one that directly effects the rest is the proper classification of the data at the initial phase. Within today's exponentially growing data, there is tremendous amount of personal or company information that may seriously effect organisations' reputation, put under legal obligation, or even terminate organisations' functioning in an orderly manner, if disclosed or lost. Any measure to protect information without knowing which information is where and open to access to which employee or business partner, will be either inssufficient or in the opposite direction will be too tight to negatively effect the functioning of the organisation by blocking users or processes.

A successful integration of the existing information systems with this new classification structure in a organisation, will be embraced by the employees enabling a flawless transformation and maximizing returns on both exisiting and future investments.

Embracing and adoption of a classification structure by the users in the organisation is essential for the properly functioning of that system. In this classification structure, if a certain information's initial creator and/or user is empowered and hold responsible, then the information will be properly classified, labeled and stored in the organisation, with records on its metadata at the beginning of its lifecycle. This way, that information will be securely shared and future false negatives/positives risks will be avoided. In fact this will be possible only with a new approach that will bring competitive advantage to the organisation.

We believe your correct guiding partner on this strategic initiave on changing the approach on creation, processing, sharing and protecting of information that calls for absolute management support is Detech with her more than 15 years experience within selected organisations of Turkey.

Data Classification Project Process Management

With nearly two decades of experience, Detech is ready to support your organisation in designing and managing your data classification projects, including schema identification, customisation, configuration, deployment, training and maintenance phases.

Our data classification projects may be also named as cultural transformational change projects on focusing the information and as in every change initiative, the success is directly connected to employee engagement so that the employees will be a part of this initiative. To create awareness on this critical success factor, Detech is ready to deliver training programs, specially customized for your employee and organisation profile. These training series are parallel to your special vision sessions for securing executive management support for this initiative, but differentiated from the technical user trainings. With these series, your employees will have a sense of ownership on your organisational information system so that the data will be continuously updated and effectively utilized while the information will be securely shared.

Support-Maintenance Packages

Detech teams are ready to support you with several annual packages for the updates and integration to the existing other information technology solutions within your organisation after classfication configuration and deployment.


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