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No matter where your data is stored or moved, your threats are minimized, and your organization remains compliant.

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HelpSystems IT Management Software Solutions

For IT and Security leaders looking for data visibility and control.

HelpSystems Data Security Solution offers data-centric security, where data is identified, secured, and protected – regardless of infrastructure – through its journey. While many security tools still focus on a perimeter approach, we know the perimeter no longer exists and therefore we aim to protect data wherever it resides throughout an organization. Our data security solution provides a single pane of glass into different aspects of organizations’ security ecosystems, ensuring that organizations not only have the best of breed technologies, but these are simple to deploy and manage.


Clearswift Adaptive Data Loss Prevention (A-DLP)

Our unique technology supports a straightforward and ‘adaptive’ data loss prevention solution. 

As security threats increase each day, enterprises need more intelligent tools and approaches to protect themselves. The simplest and most cost efficient answer are the adaptive DLP solutions from Clearswift. Data is lost either through direct attacks, malicious insiders or employees making mistakes. The new adaptive DLP provides both content and context-awareness that makes automatic policy-driven decisions on what to stop or allow or modify through AR – based on who is sending what to whom. Unlike traditional DLP solutions which ‘stop and block’ communication, Clearswift provides a disruption-free approach to protecting the unauthorized loss of critical information, enabling secure continuous collaboration which is so important for todays’ global business.

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GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer

It's never been easier to move data securely inside and outside your organization than with GoAnywhere MFT.

GoAnywhere MFT is an enterprise-level solution which will secure, automate and manage all of your organization’s file  transfer needs through a single interface. With extensive security controls and detailed audit trails, GoAnywhere MFT will help your organization comply with data privacy regulations(KVKK, GDPR, HIPAA) and PCI DSS. This innovative solution automates Server-to-Server file transfers and simplifies Person-to-Person file sharing and collaboration.

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TITUS Data Classification

TITUS supports you to identify and classify your sensitive data and create a structure based on security policies.

Companies are producing more data day by day. For this reason, it becomes difficult to ensure data security. On the other hand, employees should be able to access data easily and share the data safely without affecting the workflow.

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Boldon James - Data Classification, Secure Messaging

Boldon James is a data classification and secure messaging specialist, delivering globally-recognised innovation, service excellence and technology solutions that work.

With unrivalled customer service and best-of-breed data protection and governance solutions, we are helping many of the world’s most successful organisations take control of their business data. Everyday, our customers enjoy more effective, secure and streamlined operations - protecting their business critical information and reducing risk.

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