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Boldon James - Data Classification, Secure Messaging

Boldon James is a data classification and secure messaging specialist, delivering globally-recognised innovation, service excellence and technology solutions that work.

With unrivalled customer service and best-of-breed data protection and governance solutions, we are helping many of the world’s most successful organisations take control of their business data. Everyday, our customers enjoy more effective, secure and streamlined operations - protecting their business critical information and reducing risk.


Office Classifier

Organisations are experiencing a dramatic increase in the quantity of unstructured data that is being created and shared by their employees. With Microsoft Office© being the primary productivity tool used in creating this data, it is vital that appropriate security controls exist to cope with the increased risk of data loss and to ensure that users are made aware of the need to safeguard sensitive documents.

Boldon James Office Classifier meets that challenge by empowering users to apply relevant visual labels to documents and embed those labels into the document metadata. Office Classifier provides the most comprehensive set of labelling add-ins for key applications in the Microsoft Office© suite including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio and Project. Classifier labels enforce an organisation’s rules on handling and release of documents, automatically invoking other protective technologies such as Rights Management.

CAD Classifier

Engineering and manufacturing organisations hold substantial intellectual property assets in the form of design documents and drawings produced by CAD applications. Managing and controlling these assets is a challenging task in a today’s collaborative environments with many external partners involved in the supply chain.

Boldon James CAD Classifier family of products bring the benefits of data classification to key design documents produced by specific CAD applications. CAD Classifier for AutoCAD allows users of Autodesk® AutoCAD® to apply relevant visual and metadata labels to CAD documents and receive guidance on labelling policy, all via the user interface common to all Classifier products.

Mac Classifier

Boldon James Mac Classifier brings the benefits of user-centric data classification to organisations using Mac devices, supporting each user in correctly classifying documents and emails as they are worked on within the Microsoft Office for Mac applications.

Visual markings appear on emails and documents to ensure awareness of data safeguarding responsibilities and metadata markings drive your security and information management solutions. Classification schemes can be set up to reflect your organisation’s data policy or industry regulations.

Mac Classifier is unique in incorporating classification across the Microsoft Office for Mac suite, extending the user experience of the key applications of Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint.


Email Classifier

Email Classifier enables Outlook users to classify emails according to their sensitivity creating both a Visual and metadata label. Once labelled, data can be controlled to ensure that emails and files are only sent to those you want to receive them, protecting your sensitive information from accidental loss.

Notes Classifier

Adds message classification capabilities to Lotus Notes.

OWA Classifier

OWA Classifier brings classification to the Microsoft Outlook Web App, providing a consistent, intuitive experience to users wherever they reside, either internally or externally. Grant users the ability to access emails wherever they are, confident that all versions of MS Outlook are guarded against accidental or malicious data loss via email.

Mobile Classifier

Mobile Classifier allows you to separate out business and personal data, ensuring users correctly classify business data, making it easier to control and protect. Android, and iOS compatible, Mobile Classifier brings full classification support to the widest range of mobile devices and means you can increase mobile productivity without the risk.

Mobile Filter

In this current day and age, smartphones are widely used for business purposes, whether that’s a company device or an individual’s own personal phone being used as a part of a BYOD policy. The only trouble is that not all corporate email messages should be mobile, which is why a mobile filter is a necessity.

While mobile use presents many benefits, from increasing efficiency to reducing costs and improving the mobility of your workforce, not all messages should be available on this platform. Why? Well, it is simple; do you really want confidential emails being read in public or stored on a handheld device that can be lost or stolen? The answer to this question is no. A mobile filter is a type of data classification product, which will detect any sensitive email messages and thus not appropriate for mobile viewing. These messages will not be synchronised, and so they will be blocked from all mobile platforms. If you implement a BYOD policy at your business, this is a necessity as it helps to combat the lack of control you have over users’ own devices. It can also offer peace of mind that your mobile workforce has the ability to work securely. Therefore, you can reap all of the benefits of enhanced connectivity, flexibility, and efficiency without the risks. To find the best mobile data classification tools, look for a programme that supports a wide range of devices, detects keywords you have set for message filtering, and notifies users when messages cannot be downloaded on their phone. It must also be easy to implement and should have received good feedback from previous users.

You can expect all this and more when choosing Boldon James Mobile Filter. We will ensure that the synchronisation of sensitive messages is effectively intercepted to protect your business. You can have confidence when choosing our service because of our outstanding reputation and over 30 years of experience.

Exchange Classifier

Operating within Microsoft Exchange, Exchange Classifier enhances endpoint classification solutions by applying policy to every message sent and received within your organisation, internal or external, inbound or outbound - closing the gaps left by boundary-only or outbound-only solutions.


File Classifier

Boldon James File Classifier is a key component of the Classifier Foundation Suite, enabling organisations to classify any kind of file in Windows Explorer, allowing the user, or system, to manually, or automatically, ensure all data is categorised and labelled appropriately to enforce security policy and data handling rules.

SharePoint Classifier

Classify data stored within Microsoft SharePoint using the familiar and intuitive interface provided by all Classifier products – regardless of whether your documents are held on-premise or in Office 365 Cloud, using SharePoint Online.

Box Classifier

The convenience and cost-effectiveness of cloud-based content sharing services presents a challenge to meeting regulatory compliance requirements and ensuring the protection of valuable data. Traditional security tools struggle to effectively monitor data moving to and from the cloud and between cloud platforms, which can lead to a failure to identify fraudulent use of data in the cloud, unauthorised downloads, and malware in the cloud. In order to help users make more informed sharing decisions around sensitive data, a more consistent data-centric protection approach is needed. By classifying data at the point of creation or update, data protection can be automated and extended into the Box platform – in effect the data controls itself.

Box Classifier extends document classification into cloud-based content and sharing services, ensuring organisations of all sizes have a unified and seamless solution for classification-based data protection and control regardless of its location. Boldon James Box Classifier enhances the functionality of the Box Governance add-on service – allowing organisations to capitalise on Box services while preserving control over their data held in Box. Box Classifier builds upon the metadata framework provided by Box Governance – ensuring a unified approach to document classification and data safeguarding.


Classifier Administration

Classification policies are often simple at the point of initial implementation, but need to evolve and grow as business and legislative needs change. As a core part of the Classifier Platform, Classifier Administration provides everything System Administrators need to manage your scheme with simplicity.

Classifier Reporting

Classifier Reporting provides a reporting infrastructure, the Classifier Reporting System, together with a fully featured reporting tool in the form of the Classifier Reporting Console. With Classifier Reporting you can monitor and report on classification events and the handling of classified data, allowing you to ‘Trust but Verify’ your user’s behaviour, as information security becomes more people-focused.

We integrate with powerful data security and governance ecosystems.

We protect business critical data, improve data control and reduce risk.

We deliver improved and streamlined business performance.

We are a “safe pair of hands” that constantly deliver success.


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