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Automate Ultimate

Automate Ultimate helps you build a better IT by giving you you all the great features of Automate Plus, but with unlimited bots to help level-up your automation strategy. And with the intuitive design of Automate Ultimate, it's easy for users across multiple departments, at any skill level, to take advantage of the benefits of automation.

Enterprise Automation with Automate Ultimate

5x More Value In Automation

Supercharge your digital workforce by having an unrestricted bot working alongside every human employee.

Unlimited Scalability

With one price, we eliminate the top challenge of scalability, unlocking full enterprise automation potential.

Power Your Automation CoE

Carry out your long-term vision with an automation center of excellence (CoE) to maximize the benefits of RPA.

 What Can You Achieve With Unlimited Bots?

 Flexibility with Business Process Automation

Increase the power of RPA plus BPA with unlimited bots to get endless automation opportunities to streamline any process across any department throughout your enterprise.

 Maximize ROI from Business Applications

With one price for unlimited bots, you can achieve limitless scalability and not have to pay more to further your automation strategy. Plus, Automate Ultimate's improved accuracy and speed means less time spent on costly errors.

 Greater Sense of Security

Automate Ultimate is built with enterprise-grade security. Build more secure bots with greater control over user access and workflows and by keeping a detailed audit history.

 Increase Individual & Team Productivity

With a bot alongside every worker, streamline your most manual, repetitive tasks so your human workforce can spend more time on their more value-adding strategic activities.

Features of Automate Ultimate

Intuitive Development

Automate Ultimate has simple deployment and an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface that will have you streamlining enterprise operations within hours, not days.

Scalable Automation Infrastructure

Easily and cost-effectively scale from basic automated tasks to full enterprise-level deployment. Automate Ultimate supports high availability and disaster recovery environments.

Prebuilt Automation Building Blocks

Automate Ultimate includes over 600 prebuilt actions to help you quickly and easily automate common tasks in Excel, Active Directory, and more. Our bots can be deployed as attended or unattended with concurrent execution of tasks—no restrictions—including those with variables, exceptions, or triggers.

Detailed Visibility and Control

The Automate Ultimate Ops Console gives you the ability to monitor and manage all of your automation across your organization from any device.

Security and Auditing

Our enterprise-grade security features provide detailed audit logs and sophisticated user access management including role-based user provisioning, object-level revision management, recycle bin, and secure variable and credential capabilities. This allows you to build more secure bots with greater control over user access.

Machine Learning Capabilities

Start embracing the future of automation when you combine the power of RPA with an existing machine learning framework, like ML.NET. Machine learning lets you expand your automation to include tasks where more critical thinking is needed.


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