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TITUS and Dataguise to Offer Comprehensive Approach to Data Protection

Partnership enables organizations to intelligently detect and secure their most valuable and vulnerable data wherever it resides while maintaining the integrity of the data throughout its travels

TITUS and Dataguise to Offer Comprehensive Approach to Data Protection

Ottawa, ON and Fremont, CA – November 19, 2018 – TITUS, a leading provider of data protection solutions, and Dataguise, a leader in data privacy protection and compliance, today announced they have entered into a strategic partnership aimed at enabling customers to easily identify where their most ‘at risk’ data is, no matter where it resides in their organization. This would include insight into unstructured data (files, documents or emails), structured data (databases, cloud storage) and semi-structured data (.xls files, emails). Together, TITUS and Dataguise offer the most comprehensive approach to intelligently detecting and securing data, which will enable organizations to adopt the data protection strategy that’s right for their business.

“The TITUS mission is to assist our customers and accelerate the adoption of a data protection strategy that’s right for them. To be successful in this endeavor, we need to ensure they have a view as to where their sensitive information resides, be it in an unstructured or structured format,” said Mark Cassetta, senior vice president of strategy for TITUS. “With the emergence of Big Data repositories, the task of knowing where all of an organization’s critical data sits is overwhelming. Working with Dataguise provides our customers with a view into these structured data pools. This is key, as it enables us to offer customers a complete, end-to-end data identification strategy, no matter where their data resides.”

“Like TITUS, Dataguise is committed to engaging and helping organizations worldwide become responsible ‘data stewards.’ At the foundation of that stewardship is the ability to understand what information is truly critical to your organization, know where it resides, and take steps to protect it,” said JT Sison, vice president, worldwide business development and marketing for Dataguise. “We believe our partnership with TITUS gives organizations a thorough view of their most sensitive information, which is key as they develop a strong data protection strategy.”

An explosion of data with changing regulatory standards challenges data protection initiatives

The enormity of the task to protect all ‘at risk’ information across all areas of the business where data resides, particularly for large enterprises, is daunting and further compounded by compliance regulations and penalties surrounding data loss. To mitigate the overwhelming nature of this task, organizations need to focus on finding and protecting only the information that is most sensitive to their business and/or information that must be secured to meet mandatory compliance regulations for data governance.

The partnership enables organizations to easily incorporate both solutions to bridge the security gap that has previously existed across structured, unstructured and semi-structured data. TITUS and Dataguise now jointly provide the most inclusive approach to identifying all sensitive information without restrictions on the data format or where it is housed within an organization.  Specific benefits immediately available to customers include:

  • A clear understanding of what information lies within the business so it can be protected across all data sources including large data repositories like Hadoop, Teradata and RDBMS and cloud platforms
  • The ability to deploy data protection policies to identify sensitive data at creation;
  • Support for element level detection and protection across cloud platforms (including: AWS S3, RDS, Aurora, Redshift, Azure ADLS, Google Cloud and Snowflake)
  • Optimization of downstream data loss prevention (DLP), encryption and rights management;
  • Monitoring and protection of access rights to personal data; and
  • Refine and mature data protection policies as the business transforms and grows.

For more information on the TITUS/Dataguise partnership, please read the latest blog post by Mark Cassetta, senior vice president – strategy for TITUS.


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