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Career at Detech and Our Management Approach

DETECH consists of people who are capable of renewing themselves, willing to work with all potentials, dynamic and having a developed sense of empathy regardless of their position, educational background and experience levels. With the purpose of protecting our Organizational and Co-Worker Culture, our HR policy starts with personnel recruitment and continues with our opportunities and working environment; brings along individual and organizational achievement.

Employment and Internship Opportunities

Employment and internship applications are made through the vacancy announcements on Detech's micro website. In addition, applications at [email protected] are classified and evaluated based on open positions. Recruitment process covers various assessment criteria for interviews with department managers and technical positions.

All applications are kept confidential.

Our Management Approach

Our Organizational Culture

  • Not managing the customer, prioritizing customer’s management
  • In-house solidarity instead of competition
  • Project responsibility instead of position and title
  • From competition with external competitors to "creating a different path"
  • From wastefulness to productivity, source and cost management
  • From covering up crisis to problem and process management
  • From the best to constantly better and more perfect perspective

Co-worker Culture

  • Equipped with information and constantly learning,
  • Having high level of communicative skills,
  • Able to take initiative and decisions,
  • Open to change,
  • Able to act fast, dynamic yet controlled,
  • Respecting the work and the institution,
  • Following business-related global information and standards,
  • Rapidly adapting to new rules as required by global change,
  • Not waiting for a task to be assigned but eager to solve an outstanding issue,
  • Managing the work,
  • Not only criticizing but also resolving,
  • Keeping the promise by producing work on time with zero error goal,
  • Respectful to rights of others,
  • Prioritizing total quality and customer satisfaction (internal-external) in service,
  • Having a broad perspective to have extraordinary ideas, not limiting self,
  • Comprehending the importance of “how” to do rather than "what",
  • Aim to transform every dream into target and every target into project,

Human Resource Policy

Detech is an equal opportunity employer and embraces differences. At Detech, recruitment is based on needs. Received applications are assessed to see whether the related CVs are appropriate for the open positions. Recruitment process covers various assessment criteria for interviews with department managers and technical positions.

Performance Management

Detech's Performance Assessment System's aim is to assess the performance in a standardized and objective way, to match organizational goals with personal goals, to give feedback to employees, to discover training and development needs, to organize monetary benefits and awards and to make career plans.

Each and every employee is assessed by relevant department manager and other managers of his/her reporting process. Face-to-face performance meetings with the employee are conducted with the principle of transparency. The objective is to assess the performance of the employee within the term, to discover the aspects that need improvement and to ask opinions of the employee.


Training needs of the employees at DETECT are determined in consideration of following data. Objective is to ensure the planning of trainings towards both personal development and professional development.

  • Performance assessments
  • Competencies needed for the related position

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