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Ground Labs | What do you not know about your most valuable data?

Dark Data | Why is what you don't know important?

Dark Data:

- What is the value of data you don't know you have?

- What risks does it involve?

- What is the impact of these risks?

Dark data may be the biggest untapped resource in business today. Dark data generated online; are unknown and unused data generated by the systems, devices, and interactions in your organization. Maybe somewhere silenced, the format or metadata might be inconsistent. Perhaps no one knows what to do with it, or their literal existence is unknown.

Whatever the industry or size of an organization, we are facing challenges that come with our ever-increasing dependence on data and the enormous growth in volumetric across our networks.

  • Enterprise Recon solutions serve as the most comprehensive and reliable solution to safely reduce the risk in your organization and find sensitive data, including dark data.
  • Ground Labs especially KVKK/BDDK/GDPR/PCI DSS/Competition etc. It is an advanced solution for detecting sensitive data. Thanks to the patented scanning algorithm, data discovery can be made with much higher accuracy and speed than all scanning solutions.
  • You can scan and find data in data and documents (including images and sound files) in all systems in your IT environment (File Servers, E-mail Servers, Databases, Cloud Systems, User Machines). It is also possible to apply the actions you want (Permanent Destruction, Quarantine, Masking, Encryption) on your documents with sensitive data.

To learn more about Enterprise Recon, you can visit our website, send e-mail for demo and detailed information; [email protected]

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