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GoAnywhere | Save your data transfers from manual process!

With Goanywhere MFT, you can easily and automatically manage all data transfers between your employees, commercial partners and customers.

It completes advanced automation projects, data processing and data transfers with secure protocols without the need for user intervention. (HTTPS, SFTP, FTPS, SMTP, AS2 etc.)

  • Cross-platform support (Linux, Windows, MacOS, IBMi etc.)
  • Writing and reading data with database connections
  • Encryption, compression, delete commands, copy etc.
  • Auditable and traceable usage reports
  • Secure transfer between remote locations!

and much more, you can submit your demo requests here.
Please click for the video

Combine over 100 different tasks into workflow for data translation and transfer, with projects planned or triggered by a specific event. Increase your work efficiency!

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